Monday, 7 November 2011

New shoes!

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh. New shoes.

Well, new snowboard boots and bindings.

I've spent the last decade as the only person in the world using Burton's old step-in system. This may not be true, actually – there could be Amish communities still using them – but I can honestly say I've never seen another pair in action. Sadly, after countless repairs using a teeny little drill bit, leather needles and wax thread, mine have finally gone to the great kicker in the sky.

So, yesterday evening was obviously spent in the traditional I've-got-new-stuff manner, putting it all together and trying it on in front of the telly. Snowboard gear is designed to be used in challenging conditions, and it's a good job: the series finale (I use the word advisedly) of Downton Abbey was on. Get between the screen and its most avid viewer during that, and tantrums ensue.

(Incidentally, Bates' wife was killed by Sir Richard's agents, to stop her selling her story to a rival paper or something; this will be discovered in series three, meaning Lady Mary won't have to marry him after all; she'll be consoled by Matthew and marry him; then Meltyface will turn up and challenge the inheritance. Betchya. I could write that rubbish, if only I chose to lower myself. And/or someone offered me loads of money.)

Anyway, in the tricky conditions of my living room, the Burton Ruler boot and Cartel binding worked extremely well together. Whether they'll be any good in snow, God knows.

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