Friday, 15 June 2012

Twice in two days!

Told off by the lifeguard again, this time at Baleal, for bodysurfing when an orange flag was up. At least he waited till I'd got out, and said he hadn't come to order me out of the water because "I can see you don't drown." An improvement, I think.

Meanwhile, England claw their way to group-match victory against Sweden. There's no pleasure in an England win, just a release of pressure. It's like riding an Italian motorbike: you spend your time in the saddle with buttocks clenched, constantly wondering what new way it will find to break down before you reach your destination. If you do actually arrive, you can relax – until it's time to climb back on and go home.


  1. Funnily enough, I'm supporting Portugal in the Euro's. (£20 at 20:1 is the cost of my loyalty)


  2. £20 at 20:1 looks like a good bet! Though maybe a last-minute win and then a good victory against recently rubbish Holland aren't the best for guides...