Tuesday, 31 January 2012


At last, a huge dump of snow hits the Mercantour National Park. The shopkeepers are dancing in the streets. Non-locals are appearing on the slopes. There's some off piste going down.

As a result of the off piste, I’m keeping the board-repair guy’s kids in private education. My record? Sunday morning: "Your board is ready, bien sur."  Sunday afternoon, I'm back in the shop: “Your feet: they have rock magnets, yes? Ha ha!” Well, apparently, yes.

Over a metre of snow falls overnight. It keeps coming, and we’re pretty much stuck in the cabin all day. I could go riding, but visibility’s pretty patchy even down here: up high it’ll be worse. Best to keep my powder dry for tomorrow.

So, things I’ve achieved while snowbound:

Sorted out the non-clickingness of the right-hand shifter on one of the road bikes. Because obviously that really needed doing, now it’s snowing.

Done a rubbish repair on the other snowboard. Fairly sure it’s going to drop out as soon as the board flexes.

Cleared the path down to the road (this is pre-cleared...)

And in the debit column, things I haven’t done while snowbound:

• Any work on my children’s novel

• Any ukulele practice

Console myself with the thought that at least I’m doing better than my companion. Still in her pyjamas at 3.30 p.m. 

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