Friday, 17 February 2012

Altitude Inflation

Joy, joy, joy in the morning! The launderette at Colmars has opened again after a six-week break.

There are only two launderettes within driving distance of the cabin. One's 10 km down the valley in Colmars. It's a sweet little launderette, made all the sweeter when you notice that it has a bar attached. Even better, the bar is staffed by a friendly, welcoming, helpful landlady Рnot exactly a rarity in France, but not a commonplace either. You can nurse a grand cr̩me or a pression through the hour-long wash, gorging on the free WiFi access madame gladly dispenses. If Heaven doesn't feel like this, I'll be giving it a very bad review on TripAdvisor.

The other launderette is 10 km up the valley in La Foux d'Allos. I HATE this place. If I met the owner, I'd tread on his toes really hard. Unless he was bigger than me. Or as big, actually. Or one of those nasty little fellers who come at you from below and are tougher than they look. Anyway, fifteen minutes in this place is enough to make you want to throw yourself under a piste-bashing machine.

It's also the worst example of Altitude Inflation I've ever come across. Down in Colmars (altitude c.1200 metres, at a guess) a machine big enough to wash an entire rugby team's away kit after a tour of Flanders in winter costs €6.00. Up in Foux, with an altitude gain of about 400 metres? €13.00. Yes: eleven English pounds, to do a load of washing.

Even lettuce doesn't increase in value that much as it gains height.

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  1. Don't wash them. Wear paper clothes, not much good in the rain though